The 3D Animation That Started Our Visualisation Division

This was the 3D Visualisation video that was the catalyst to Nova’s 3D Animation / Visualisation Division.

The video was passed to Nova’s Business Development Director by one of our CAD Resellers and after showing a few of Nova’s clients what can be achieved, Nova invested in 3D Studio Max (as was) and the rest as they say is history . . . . . .

With the advent of technology such as high definition (HD) television and improved display systems, images and modern video files have become a lot higher resolution and a lot more lifelike – so much so that a lot of our clients use them for staff training videos or virtual assembly / installation manuals.

Nova’s Visualisation Division are currently creating a number of such animations for clients not just in the engineering industry but those as diverse as bathroom fittings, electric vehicles and ship hardware.

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