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Autodesk Inventor 2018 is released The Wait Is Over ! Autodesk Inventor 2018 is now available to download and having done so and undertaken a couple of software installations, here’s Nova’s first look at what’s new. Inventor 2018 is built for the...

Buy Xanax With American Express

One of our design engineers was having a clear out of his garage at the weekend and came across a box of older draughting equipment – mechanical propelling pencils, scale rules etc In an old, battered A4 envelope were these . . . . . . Not only was Pafec Dogs...

Buy Generic Diazepam Uk

We have this week downloaded the latest 3D modelling suite from Autodesk – Autodesk Inventor Suite 2016 Premium. The following is an excerpt from the official Autodesk site giving an overview of the softwares capabilities and upgrades. Inventor 2016 enables you...

Order Adipex-P 37.5Mg

Nova are pleased to welcome Nathan Bird on board as our latest addition to the Sales team. Nathan brings with him a wealth of sales experience from other engineering industries together with an enthusiasm to push Nova further into new areas for engineering design /...