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Using the latest in 3D printing technology has enabled a patient involved in a traffic accident in the late 1970’s to have a hip replacement operation with a bone graft and 3D printed titanium hip at Southampton General Hospital with collaboration from...

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Gaining additional exposure for Nova and pushing the UK Centre of Excellence for Engineering, Nova have recently joined the ‘Made In The Midlands’ business network. With the Midlands being the birthplace of the industrial revolution and leading pioneers in...

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Last working day of November 2013 – we raised over £350.00 for the Mens Health Awareness Campaign. Well done to all involved – time to dig out the razor blades on Sunday...

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As used by our Visualisation division – 3D Studio Max from Autodesk – Sometimes cheating can be good ! 😉 This book is recommended by our head of Visualisation as a perfect companion to the Autodesk training course notes. How to get amazing 3D effects in 3D...