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Nova has invested heavily in its suite of the latest 2D drafting and 3D mechanical design CAD software to offer clients capacity in all the major software at the latest releases. Our design engineers possess multiple years of experience with the software that we use, allowing our CAD services to be of the highest quality.

Autodesk AutoCAD

Autodesk is one of the industry leaders in computer aided design software, and its AutoCAD design applications are among some of the most widely used in the world. The latest releases of the software connects and streamline Nova’s design workflow like never before, allowing our engineers to speed projects from concept to completion with powerful 2D and 3D design documentation tools.

Autodesk Inventor

Autodesk Inventor 3D CAD software offers an easy to use set of tools for 3D mechanical design, documentation and product simulation. The Autodesk Inventor 3D model is an accurate 3D digital prototype that enables users to validate the form, fit and function of a design, minimise the need for physical prototypes and reduce the potential for costly engineering changes that are discovered only after the design is sent to manufacturing.


Dassault Catia

CATIA engineering software enables the creation of any type of 3D assemblies and modelling solutions for a wide range of mechanical engineering processes.

The software used by Nova’s design engineers, addresses the specific requirements of a wide range of processes and industries, including cast and forged parts, plastic injection and other moulding operations, composites part design and manufacturing, machined and sheet metal parts design and advanced welding and fastening operations.

PTC Creo

Creo offers Nova’s design engineers the very latest in integrated 3D CAD, CAM and CAE. It allows our engineers to address their most pressing product development challenges, while enabling them to rapidly innovate and compete more effectively.

Siemens NX (Unigraphics)

NX tool and fixture design solutions including NX fully associative component design, assembly positioning and mating, kinematic simulation, performance validation and component knowledge library capabilities outperform conventional tooling design systems.

Siemens Solid Edge

Solid Edge is an industry-leading 3D mechanical design system with exceptional tools for creating and managing 3D digital prototypes.

In built within Solid Edge are the latest 3D modelling and assembly tools enabling Nova’s engineering design team to easily develop a full range of products, from single parts to assemblies containing thousands of components.

Dassault Solidworks

SolidWorks is a comprehensive 3D mechanical design solution that adds to Nova’s engineering design capabilities with powerful simulation, motion, and design validation tools, advanced wire and pipe routing functionality and reverse engineering capabilities.

Nova’s design engineers are able to test product performance against real life motion and forces with the in built capabilities of SolidWorks.

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