Tecnomatix Jack is an ergonomic study and human factors product that helps Nova’s mechanical design engineers to verify the design of a workstation, ensuring the product parts can be reached, assembled and maintained whilst improving the ergonomics of product designs and common workplace tasks.

Ergonomic Studies - Human FactorsUsing the human simulation tools, Nova’s mechanical design engineers can perform realistic simulation of human tasks and optimise process cycle times according to industry standard ergonomics libraries.

The software enables our design engineers to position biomechanically accurate digital humans of various sizes into virtual environments, assign them tasks and analyse their performance.

Jack (and Jill) digital humans can tell our engineers what they can see and reach, how comfortable they are, when and why they’re getting hurt, when they’re getting tired and other important ergonomics information.

Human Factors - Digital Human Form - Ergonomic StudiesThis feedback has enabled our team of design engineers to design more effective and safer products.

Ultimately, Jack has assisted in Nova helping our clients to bring factories on-line faster, optimising productivity virtually whilst improving worker safety.

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