Tecnomatix FactoryCAD is a facility layout application that gives Nova’s design engineers everything needed to create detailed, intelligent factory models.

With FactoryCAD, 3D models can be created faster than 2D drawings using conventional CAD. FactoryCAD enables engineers to create full 3D models of factories that provide much more information than 2D drawings, helping them discover potential layout problems early in the design process.

Since these layout models can then be utilised directly in visualisation, material flow, and discrete event simulation programs, offering further considerable time savings.

FactoryCAD - Virtual Factory - Facility LayoutInstead of having to draw lines, arcs, and circles, FactoryCAD allows Nova’s design engineers to work with “smart objects” that represent virtually all the resources used in a factory, from floor and overhead conveyors, mezzanines and cranes to material handling containers and operators. With these objects, our design engineers “snap” together a layout model without wasting time drawing the equipment.

Overall, getting factories into production sooner with fewer last minute modifications provides significant financial benefits for automotive OEM’s and their respective supply chains.

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