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If you have not outsourced engineering design projects previously, please view the testimonials below to see how we have assisted our clients, and the advantages you can gain:

“Nova Design provided us with excellent support in the areas of drawing scanning and PDF to DWG conversions. Their work has been a major factor in our cost optimisation and modifications to existing drawings which would have needed a complete redraw, this not only would have been expensive but also time consuming. It also enabled us to deliver to our customer a professional and timely conclusion to their project.”
Tony Fasci, Site Manager – ADI Mechanical

“When we are stretched to over capacity we always turn to Nova Design first.”
Lewis Russell, Project Manager – Hall & Kay Fire Engineering

“Nova Design have produced excellent CAD drawings, often at short notice. Where our client has had a change of specification Nova Design have been able to provide modified drawings within an exacting timescale.”
Chris Turton, Operations Manager – Shell Mould UK

“The team at Nova Design complemented our design team greatly during a large project. Production of working drawings and finalisation of the design package played a key part. The support and direction from Nova gave us the confidence to work with them on future projects.”
Rob Barnes, Engineering Sales Manager – UK Loco

“The service to us was swift with drawings being completed within the required timescale. The service offered was professional, resulting in us utilising the services of Nova Design again when required.”
Martin Baker, Engineering Manager – CLS Offshore

“I handed Nova Design some components, the specification and limitations of the machine, together with finished assemblies and they came back with designs which worked first time. We are going to use them again.”
Martin Billingham, Managing Director – M Billingham & Co

“Nova Design are a new supplier and the service provided has been of a very high standard.”
Mark Richardson, Technical Director – Power Towers

“Using Nova for site plans and site drawings, everything we have passed their way they have dealt with in a timely manner, and the end results have always been of the quality our clients have become used to. These high levels of quality means we will continue to use their services.”
Paul Marshall, Managing Director – Unbloc Drainage Engineers

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