Automotive Industry

Automotive Tooling (Body In White)

Nova Design have an in house Automotive tooling design team comprising of design engineers with many years of Automotive tooling design experience.

Automotive Tooling

Working as 2nd tier OEM suppliers, Nova’s design engineers provide our clients with a mechanical design solution for projects containing a single robot cell through to a complete assembly process. With our wealth of knowledge and experience in automotive tool design we are able to support a fully project managed design contract working to industry standards and working practices.

The majority of our Automotive tooling design projects are completed using a mix of software comprising Catia, RobCAD, and Process Simulate depending on individual project requirements.

Nova Design have extensive experience in designing and producing solutions for Automotive Body In White tooling, body framing systems, closure lines, sub assembly cells, manual and robotic welding lines, gluing and hemming processes and material handling systems.

Trim and Final

Nova’s design experience in the Automotive industry extends from tooling projects through to the manufacture phase known as ‘Trim & Final’ process.

Trim and Final Automotive

The Trim and Final phase is where the painted body starts to look like a finished, roadworthy vehicle.

Automotive Trim and Final - Installation of cockpit

This is the phase where dashboards / seats / interior trim / wheel & tyres / engine and associated powertrain systems are installed onto the vehicle.

Process Engineering

Nova’s design engineers have many years of experience in providing process solutions for the Automotive and other high pressure industries. We can provide you with a solution for a complete assembly process or single robot cell.

Automotive Process Engineering ChartOur Automotive body-in-white process environment enables the creation of hierarchical representations of body-in-white manufacturing processes which make up the Bill of Process (BOP).

The BOP captures process logic and flow, and defines the relationships between operations, manufacturing resources and product parts.

With such tools as standard robots, fixtures and welding or painting guns from our system’s libraries, Nova’s Process Engineers can quickly plan a spot-welding or painting layout in a 2D sketching environment.

Process planners can define welding points and allocate them to welding operations. Automatic tools associate the most suitable combination of welding guns, controllers and transformers according to process parameters, such as sheet metal thickness and combination. This allows early evaluation of manufacturing times, costs and project investments, as well as assembly line performance, throughput and resource utilisation.

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