Jaguar XE Starts Production in Solihull

Now the new car is in the public domain, here at Nova, we are very proud to announce that we have been a part of this (and other) upcoming new models from Jaguar Land Rover.


Jaguar XE Production Line

Nova have successfully been involved with the production of 3D models, 2D manufacture drawings, robot studies, off line robot programming, ergonomic studies, for the tooling aspects and site surveys, 3D models, 2D drawings, and factory layouts for the mechanical handling (automation) of the new vehicle production facilities in both Castle Bromwich and Solihull together with a number of projects in the new i54 Engine Manufacturing Centre in Wolverhampton.

As part of their 80th anniversary, Jaguar Land Rover have pulled together some of their most iconic vehicles for a parade – including such models as the ‘E Type’, XK120 and the SS1 Tourer.

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Nova expand Visualisation Division Capacity

As engineering design and recruitment consultants Nova Design are delighted to announce that we have expanded our internal visualisation department in our West Midlands based office, and will now be offering increased capacity for our visualisation and animation service. Visualisation is a modern tool used to bring a concept to life, through the use of animations or illustrations. Nova Design’s visualisation team can bring your idea to life to impress potential investors.

In addition to our existing in-house design team of forty engineering design staff, we have successfully recruited an additional two visualisation experts, who have significant previous experience in producing high quality visuals. Utilising Autodesk 3D Studio Max and Siemens Tecnomatix VIS Mockup software, our experts will be producing high quality 3D walkthroughs, 3D animations and photo realistic renders for our clients. Nova’s visualisation experts will allow the finest details to be tweaked, from layouts and lighting to shadows and optical effects, in order to cater to their client’s exact requirements. The final product will aim to engage the end viewer and give them an emotional experience.

As a family run business, established in 1988, we will be looking to attract new clients who are aiming to close sales with eye catching proposals, or develop their marketing materials. It is an exciting time for Nova as a West Midlands based company, as we expand this service amidst the continued growth of our internal engineering design and recruitment departments. Nova will now be heavily marketing the visualisation department to add another dimension to our existing client base.

Business Development Director Simon Parry said “Many companies want to make their products or proposals stand out from their competition. Our visualisation service is a unique and professional way in which to do this. Many of our existing clients have previously had visualisation requirements on top of their design requirements, and we are now able to offer them the full service. With the tools and expertise we have at our disposal, we can offer state of the art visuals to give our clients the all important ‘wow’ factor.”

3D Studio Max software is used in various markets, from video game developers to graphic artists, through to architects, engineers and product designers. The powerful software is provided by Autodesk, who also supply AutoCAD and Inventor 2D and 3D packages, which form an integral part of Nova Design’s engineering design solution.

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Building a successful career as a Mechanical Design Engineer

Are you looking to start a career as a Mechanical Design Engineer? As an engineering design consultancy providing professional CAD services, we have developed a good amount of knowledge on what it takes to be successful in this occupation. Also, acting as a technical and industrial recruitment agency, we are aware of what many of our clients look for when looking to recruit a Design Engineer. If you have natural passion and enthusiasm for mechanical engineering and the techniques used by design engineers, this will go a long way towards ensuring success.

Mechanical engineering | Mechanical design engineerWe would suggest studying the relevant mechanical engineering qualifications at college and University to build a sound base of engineering knowledge to build upon. This would normally be in the form of an HNC/ONC followed by a BEng. As well as developing your knowledge, qualifications are a good indication of how capable you are a Design Engineer, and of how much mechanical engineering knowledge you possess. It’s never too late to get these qualifications, and they are sometimes seen as essential requirements for mechanical design roles, especially for higher level positions within larger companies.

Your qualifications can then be supported by becoming accustomed to CAD software, both 2D and 3D, some of which you will learn to use during your studies and during possible work placements. There are also specific courses provided by training companies and various CAD resellers across the UK if you want to develop your skills on a particular CAD system. Becoming proficient with CAD software will allow you to work more efficiently and develop your design techniques.

Which industry do you have a particular interest in? Is it the automotive industry? The aerospace industry? The nuclear industry? It’s good to decide this as early in your career as possible and then look for positions within your chosen industry, so the experience that you’re gaining is relevant to your career goals. Some Universities and Colleges also offer more specific engineering qualifications geared towards specific industries, so ideally you want to decide this before you begin your studies. You may also want to try and develop your skills across several industries, and working for design consultancies who work on projects for various clients such as ourselves is a good way in which to do this.

Mechanical design engineer | mechanical engineering designBuild up and maintain a portfolio of your best work. Have you worked on certain projects that you’re particularly proud of? Have you produced complex, eye catching CAD drawings or models which you want to show off? Put together a professional portfolio to send to prospective employers along with your CV. If you’re graphically minded you can do this yourself or have one designed professionally, in order to leave a lasting impression with your prospective employers. You may also want to tweak your portfolio depending on the industry you are applying for a position within.

Your portfolio, your CV and your presence on professional social media sites such as LinkedIn are important tools which you can use to market yourself. Build up your connections within engineering recruitment companies and keep yourself up to date with what career opportunities are becoming available. We have many good career opportunities ourselves for positions within our office and for our clients all over the UK, so make sure to check our vacancies page on a regular basis!

Above anything, determination, drive and pride in your work are essential in order to be successful. There is no magical recipe for success, but by following the steps above it will give you a good opportunity to enjoy a strong career as a Mechanical Design Engineer. If you would like further advice, please email

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How Nova Are Using Social Media To Recruit

In recent years, social media has been adopted by many companies as a marketing, branding and/or recruitment tool. With the benefits a company can gain from implementing social media sites, a lot of them free, the role they are playing is becoming more difficult for companies to ignore. Initially implemented by our marketing department, as a company offering recruitment services, social media now plays a key part in our hiring process.

Mainly utilising Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, we are regularly attracting high quality candidates through our social media portals, and are regularly placing them in positions all across the UK. Every job that goes live is posted immediately to Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn, as well as our website and relevant job sites. With approximately 400 ‘likes’ on Facebook, over 1100 ‘followers’ on Twitter and over 600 group members on LinkedIn, every vacancy that is posted receives a lot of exposure. Candidates are presented with a short description of the position along with key details such as location, and with one click they are taken directly to our website and given the opportunity to apply.

A big part of our recent growth in recruitment has been through the introduction of our LinkedIn group, which is purely dedicated to candidates looking for jobs. We post the latest news relevant only to our recruitment division, as well as posting each individual job as it goes live in the ‘Jobs’ section. This is the place where all of our candidates looking for work can go to find information relevant only to their job search and our recruitment division.

We have invested significantly in the latest advertising and recruitment tools, and social media is just as important as the other methods we use to recruit. By involving ourselves in relevant recruitment and engineering discussions through our social media channels, this allows us to find out who’s available in the areas we’re recruiting in, meaning we can provide our clients with the best available candidates.

The key to recruiting through social media is to develop and spend time on your social media sites, and make sure they are geared towards recruiting and driving interest in the positions you have available. Encourage candidates looking for work to follow your sites, allow them to take part in discussions and highlight how it can help their job search. Immediate vacancy alerts through social media are a great way to attract new ‘followers’ and ‘likes’. The chances are that candidates will be checking their own personal social media feed on a daily basis, and if vacancy alerts are coming through to that, it means no extra effort is required on their part and that they are kept up to date just by reading their feed. Sending updates through social media ensures we are not unnecessarily harassing or contacting our candidates to make them aware of new vacancies, leaving the ball in their court.

If you are involved in recruitment and are without a social media presence, we strongly suggest you consider dedicating some time towards building one.

We are continuously looking to grow our social media audiences, so if you want to be kept up to date with our latest vacancies as soon as they go live, be sure to join us on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn!

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ANSYS 16.0 Downloaded And Installed

We have recently upgraded our ANSYS FEA software package to ANSYS 16.0, the latest release of the engineering simulation technology suite, designed to optimise product development processes. This ensures our FEA and engineering design team keep the latest tools at their disposal, in order to provide a reliable, high quality service.


Built on a platform that accurately streamlines workflow among simulation applications, ANSYS 16.0 delivers critical multi-physics solutions, enhancements to pre-processing and meshing capabilities as well as a new parametric high performance computing (HPC) licensing model to make design exploration more scalable.”

As part of our in-house engineering design consultancy, we offer Finite Element Analysis as part of our design service. We use ANSYS DesignSpace to carry out our FEA work and it forms a crucial part of many of our client’s projects. In modern times we feel that the growing importance of FEA cannot be understated.

mechanical-features-cad-2-smThe importance behind FEA lies in its ability to perform tests on a concept before it is made real, reducing the time and cost needed to foster product innovations. This can save you thousands of pounds in design and manufacturing stages, by using FEA tests as the design stage progresses. ANSYS DesignSpace allows us to perform a number of real world simulations such as thermal, structural, weight optimisation and more.

Taken from

ANSYS DesignSpace software is an easy-to-use simulation package that provides designers with tools to conceptualise, design and validate their ideas right on the desktop. ANSYS DesignSpace software, a subset of the ANSYS Professional product, enables real-world, static structural and thermal, dynamic, weight optimisation, vibration mode, and safety factor simulations to be performed on designs without the need for advanced analysis knowledge.

mechanical-features-auto-contact-1-smExisting native CAD geometry can be used directly with ANSYS structural analysis software — with no translation, no IGES and no intermediate geometry formats. ANSYS has provided native bidirectional integration with the most popular CAD systems for more than a decade. Integration directly into the CAD menu bar makes it very simple to launch world-class simulation directly from a CAD system.

Since the ANSYS geometry import mechanism is common to all CAD systems, the user has the flexibility to work within a single common simulation environment while using multiple CAD packages.

Once the geometry has been imported, ANSYS structural software tools automatically detect and perform setup for contacts or joints between parts of an assembly. The contact settings and options can be modified, and additional manual contact definitions can be added. Joints for flexible/rigid dynamics are automatically detected. Each contact or joint is easily identified using the graphical tools provided in the environment.

ANSYS structural analysis software offers a large library of out-of-the box equation solvers. The library contains the sparse direct solver, preconditioned conjugate gradient (PCG) iterative solver, Jacobi conjugate gradient (JCG) solution and more. In addition, the distributed versions of PCG, JCG, and sparse solvers are available for use in large-scale computing via parallel processing. By combining our parallel algorithms with the power of GPUs, you can further reduce the solution time required for large models.

Variational technology from ANSYS allows accelerating computation of normal modes for cyclic structures, especially when a large number of harmonic indexes are required. Frequency sweeps such as those found in harmonic analyses benefit from variational technology as well. Typical speedup factors range from three to 10 times. Transient thermal runs and certain classes of nonlinear structural transient problems are computed in a shorter time using these same principles.

parking_stand_displacementANSYS FEA software provides a comprehensive set of post-processing tools to display results on models as contours or vector plots to provide summaries of the results (like min/max values and locations). Powerful and intuitive slicing techniques allow the user to get more detailed results over given parts of geometries. All results can be exported as text data or to a spreadsheet for further calculations. Animations are provided for static cases as well as for nonlinear or transient histories. Any result or boundary condition can be used to create customised charts.

“ANSYS 16.0 provides a great number of new and advanced features that bolster product performance and integrity through deeper design insight. The many new features in ANSYS 16.0, combined with ANSYS Workbench, deliver additional physics depth and breadth that can be scaled to meet the changing needs of customers.

The latest release from ANSYS supports our existing mechanical design software packages including AutoCAD, Inventor, Creo, Inventor, Unigraphics NX, Solid Edge, SolidWorks, Mechanical Desktop and Catia.

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Paying attention to client needs is the key to success in recruitment

Dan - 300Dan Tipper, Recruitment Executive at Nova Design, believes the key to being successful in recruitment is held in the relationships you build with your clients.

“Having spent many years in and around the recruitment industry, I have learnt several methods on how to please your clients and exceed their expectations. Solid, reliable recruitment and advertising tools will provide a solid base for you to build up your portfolio of high quality available candidates, but this would mean nothing without a positive, trusting relationship with your clients.”

“The first thing we do upon receipt of an enquiry for our recruitment services is to listen to and appreciate the client’s needs. A job description is always a great starting point, but it’s essential to learn as much as possible about the type of person they are looking for, an individual’s personality can often be as important as their skills and qualifications. Once all details are gathered, the recruitment team can then begin the search for suitable candidates.”

“As applications start coming in, the CV’s need to be assessed thoroughly to make sure they meet the minimum criteria of experience and qualifications required. Once they have been analysed, the crucial part of the recruitment process is to get to know the candidate. Ideally this should be done in person, however if this isn’t possible, some sort of telephone interview should be arranged. Meeting or speaking with your candidates allows you to gain an understanding of the type of person they are. Are they enthusiastic? Are their communication skills up to standard? Do they have a friendly manner? If you can answer these questions and more, you can add value to the candidates you are putting forward to your client. You need to judge whether their personality would fit into your clients set up, and if it would, you need to sell and emphasise this point as much as possible.”

“It is also beneficial to contact the candidate’s references, professional ones if possible. These will be people who have worked alongside the candidates, and will know better than anyone the type of person they are and the type of work that they produce. The more work we can do for our clients, the more value for money they will be getting.”

“In summary, the more you can find out about your candidates, the more your clients will appreciate your hard work and diligence. Even if it’s taking longer than expected to source a candidate, make sure you keep your client up to date at every stage of the process and they will be likely to appreciate your honesty. An agency that understands their clients needs thoroughly, are more likely to receive repeat enquiries, rather than an agency that just sends over any CV’s that come in, with no background research. Remember, your clients are paying for a recruitment service, not just a CV sourcing service.”

Nova Design have been placing engineering design and related staff in short term, long term and permanent positions across the UK since they were established in 1988.

For further details on the engineering design recruitment solution that Nova offer, please give Dan a call on 01384 405 975 or drop him a line

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