Rolls-Royce To Open New £250 Million Facility

Rolls-Royce to lead the regeneration of the surplus areas of its site at Ansty, near Coventry, proposing a 2m sq ft industrial scheme with a gross development value of in excess of £250m.

The scheme is intended to complement and extend the success of Ansty Park by providing land and buildings for the manufacturing community.

Rolls-Royce Aerospace | New manufacturing facility | AnstyThe site comprises 200 acres located immediately to the south of Ansty Park.

Ansty Park was the site where the UK’s first rocket, Blue Streak, was developed and the rocket engines for the only British launched satellite in 1971, Prospero, were manufactured.

Latterly it has been a fast jet repair centre providing support for fighter aircraft for customers throughout the world.

Ansty Park is a 1.5m sq ft technology park with a dedicated dual carriageway connecting it to Junction 2 of the M6 and the M69 and A46.

The park is anchored by MTC (Manufacturing Technology Centre) which represents a £40.5m publicly funded investment aimed at high technology manufacturing.

It has more than 65 industrial members including Rolls-Royce, Aero Engine Controls, Airbus, GKN Aerospace, Hewlett-Packard, Nikon, Sandvik & Siemens.

Other occupiers include Sainsbury’s Head Office and Call Centre, AVL Electronics, Fanuc and London Taxi Company for the manufacture of the new electrically powered taxi.

Rolls-Royce will be retaining a key manufacturing facility on the site, producing fan cases for its large civil aero engines.

David Mitchell, Managing Partner of Manse, said: “Having successfully gained planning permission and delivered sales for Rolls-Royce on the company’s site in East Kilbride, this appointment is an excellent opportunity to work with them again.

“This is a site of such national significance, we are very excited to be involved. We look forward to delivering all the necessary consents that will be needed to unlock the sites’ potential.”

Richard Smith, managing partner of Opus Land, said: “This site represents a unique opportunity to bring economic benefits of a significant scale to the region and is set to become one of the most important redevelopment sites in the Midlands.

“It enjoys a location and scale capable of accommodating a range of occupiers with the ability to provide a single building of more than 500,000 sq. ft.

“The redevelopment of this brownfield site has the potential to create thousands of new jobs and generate new business rates as well as helping to safeguard green belt land that might otherwise be released to meet pent up demand in the industrial sector.”

Nova Design are proud to be a supplier of tooling design services to a number of first tier supplier to Rolls-Royce plc and think this is great news for the local and UK manufacturing sectors – Article taken from The Manufacturer.

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Seasons Greetings From All At NOVA

Season’s greetings from all of us at NOVA DESIGN

It’s been quite a year for us all.

2017 has seen us undertake some fantastic innovative engineering design projects for a wide range of new and existing clients across the spectrum of mechanical engineering industry.

Nova Design | Seasons Greetings | Xmas Greetings | Happy Christmas

We hope that 2017 has been just as memorable for you and your loved ones.

May you all have a very happy, healthy and successful 2018!


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Who makes a good Mechanical Design Engineer?

What makes a good Mechanical Design Engineer?

As an outsource engineering design consultancy providing professional mechanical design services over the last 30 years or so, we have come to know the ins and outs of what makes a good, reliable mechanical design engineer.

Mechanical design engineering drawing - Nova Design

With the other main division of Nova acting as a recruitment agency, we need to ensure we supply our clients with the best mechanical design engineers available.

Employing around 40 mechanical design engineers in our modern design office based in Kingswinford, West Midlands, our design team possess the relevant mechanical engineering knowledge, combined with the correct attitudes in order to produce the highest quality CAD models and drawings for our clients.

When recruiting mechanical engineering design staff to come and work in our internal design office or out on site for any one of our various clients, we look for the following skills:

  • Broad mechanical engineering knowledge (this can be developed through studying, experience within mechanical engineering industries or by taking a keen interest in the subject)
  • Ideally ONC/HNC/BEng in Mechanical Engineering or Production Engineering
  • A high level of computer literacy – Microsoft Office suite or similar
  • Knowledge and experience with 2D and 3D CAD software packages
  • A high attention to detail
  • An innovative mind to find efficient, cost effective design solutions
  • Dedication towards work and taking pride in design projects carried out
  • The passion to learn new skills and develop new design techniques
  • A thorough attitude towards their work, leaving no room for doubt in a finalised design

When recruiting for a senior mechanical design role, we will also look for years of experience and examples of success (in the form of a portfolio or references) in mechanical engineering fields relevant to the work we carry out.

We believe a good design engineer will work quickly, efficiently and meticulously, taking no shortcuts or skipping stages during the design process.

CAD Screen | Mechanical Design Engineer | Nova DesignKnowledge and experience with both 2D and 3D CAD software can be essential, so an individual who has had experience learning particular software techniques in order to work efficiently is always beneficial.

As our CAD services cover the majority of mechanical engineering disciplines, the staff that we employ are from a variety of engineering backgrounds.

Regardless of experience, no two mechanical design engineers will possess the same skill set, as they will all have certain skills which are geared towards certain industries.

If you’re looking to recruit or you’re looking for ways to make yourself more employable as a mechanical design engineer, keep in mind that mental attributes such as attention to detail and passion for mechanical engineering can be just as important as skills and qualifications.

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Ever considered using outsource design facilities?

Have you ever considered using an outsource design engineering office ?

Outsource engineering design | Nova Design | Design EngineeringMany engineering and manufacturing companies may not see or fully understand the benefits of using an external resource to outsource design engineering work to, or may not like to consider it as an option. There is often fear of not having control over an engineering project once it has been outsourced, but with a company such as ourselves, you can relax knowing it will be in safe hands. See below for some of the main benefits you can gain from sub contracting your design work.

Benefits of outsourcing include :

  • Improves reliability and service quality
  • Lessens potential impact of any risks that are taken e.g. taking on new staff in a hurry
  • Your business will become more flexible to change
  • Frees up human resources, allowing your staff to focus on their main responsibilities
  • Reduces overheads

Why outsource design engineering projects ? 

  • You don’t have the required resources e.g. hardware, software and expertise
  • You have a project deadline approaching fast, and need extra assistance in order to meet it
  • You fear a competitor is about to release a rival product sooner than you
  • To avoid frequent training costs
  • No need to worry about costly CAD software updates, which can be both expensive and due on an annual basis
  • Allows you to call upon the skills and expertise of dedicated, experienced design engineers
  • Total flexibility to use someone only when you need them

Why outsource to Nova Design ?

  • Our professional approach is fully geared towards achieving a total quality solution
  • We started as a business in 1988 and now possess over 29 years of engineering design experience across several industries
  • Some of our engineers have around 40 years of engineering design experience
  • Our design engineers are exactly that – ENGINEERS, not just CAD operators
  • The invaluable experience of our 40 person strong internal engineering design team
  • We use the latest tools and technology, all housed inside our modern design facilities

Outsource design engineering projects - Nova Design

We do not outsource any of our engineering design project work and all of our projects are kept in-house in our modern design office based in the West Midlands. This is to allow us to monitor quality levels and ensure our work is kept at a consistently high level.

For further details on our engineering design services, why not watch our short presentation video and then press the outsource button on the left and make contact with Nova to see how we can assist with your outsource engineering design requirements.

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Ansys DesignSpace V18.2 downloaded and installed

FEA – Ansys DesignSpace V18.2

Nova have recently upgraded our ANSYS finite element analysis (FEA) software package to ANSYS DesignSpace V18.2, the latest release of the engineering simulation technology suite, designed to optimise our client’s product development processes. This ensures our finite element analysis (FEA) and engineering design team keep the latest in engineering design tools at their disposal, in order to provide a reliable, high quality service.FEA - Ansys Designspace - Finite Element Analysis

Built on an existing platform that accurately streamlines workflow among simulation applications, ANSYS DesignSpace V18.2 delivers critical multi-physics solutions, enhancements to pre-processing and meshing capabilities as well as a new parametric high performance computing (HPC) licensing model to make design exploration more scalable.

In-House Engineering Design

As part of our in-house engineering design consultancy, we offer finite element analysis (FEA) as part of our design service. We use ANSYS DesignSpace to carry out our finite element analysis (FEA) work and this forms a crucial part of many of our client’s projects. In modern times we feel that the growing importance of finite element analysis (FEA) cannot be understated.

Ansys DesignSpace V18.2The importance behind finite element analysis (FEA) lies in its ability to perform tests on a virtual concept model before it is manufactured, reducing the time and cost needed to foster product innovations. This can potentially save thousands of pounds in design and manufacturing stages, by using finite element analysis (FEA) tests as the design stage progresses. ANSYS DesignSpace V18.2 allows our design engineers to perform a number of real world simulations such as thermal, structural, weight optimisation and more.

ANSYS DesignSpace software is an easy-to-use simulation package that provides designers with tools to conceptualise, design and validate their ideas right on the desktop. ANSYS DesignSpace V18.2 software, a subset of the ANSYS Professional product, enables real-world, static structural and thermal, dynamic, weight optimisation, vibration mode, and safety factor simulations to be performed on designs without the need for advanced analysis knowledge.

Native CAD Geometry

FEA - Finite Element Analysis - Ansys DesignSpace V18.2

Existing native CAD geometry can be used directly with ANSYS structural analysis software — with no translation, no IGES and no intermediate geometry formats. ANSYS has provided native bidirectional integration with the most popular CAD systems for more than a decade. Integration directly into the CAD menu bar makes it very simple to launch world-class simulation directly from a CAD system.

Since the ANSYS geometry import mechanism is common to all CAD systems, the user has the flexibility to work within a single common simulation environment while using multiple CAD packages.

The latest release from ANSYS supports all of our existing mechanical design CAD software packages including AutoCAD, Inventor, Creo, Unigraphics NX, Solid Edge, SolidWorks and Catia.

Once the geometry has been imported, ANSYS structural software tools automatically detect and perform setup for contacts or joints between parts of an assembly. The contact settings and options can be modified, and additional manual contact definitions can be added. Joints for flexible/rigid dynamics are automatically detected. Each contact or joint is easily identified using the graphical tools provided in the environment.

ANSYS Structural Analysis

This latest release of structural analysis software offers a large library of out-of-the box equation solvers. The library contains the sparse direct solver, preconditioned conjugate gradient (PCG) iterative solver, Jacobi conjugate gradient (JCG) solution and more. In addition, the distributed versions of PCG, JCG, and sparse solvers are available for use in large-scale computing via parallel processing. By combining our parallel algorithms with the power of GPUs, you can further reduce the solution time required for large models.

Variational technology from ANSYS allows accelerating computation of normal modes for cyclic structures, especially when a large number of harmonic indexes are required. Frequency sweeps such as those found in harmonic analyses benefit from variational technology as well. Typical speedup factors range from three to 10 times. Transient thermal runs and certain classes of nonlinear structural transient problems are computed in a shorter time using these same principles.

Post Processing Tools

Ansys DesignSpace V17.0 FEAANSYS finite element analysis (FEA) software provides a comprehensive set of post-processing tools to display results on models as contours or vector plots to provide summaries of the results (like min/max values and locations). Powerful and intuitive slicing techniques allow the user to get more detailed results over given parts of geometries. All results can be exported as text data or to a spreadsheet for further calculations. Animations are provided for static cases as well as for nonlinear or transient histories. Any result or boundary condition can be used to create customised charts.

ANSYS DesignSpace V18.2 provides a great number of new and advanced features that bolster product performance and integrity through deeper design insight. The many new features in ANSYS DesignSpace V18.2, combined with ANSYS Workbench, deliver additional physics depth and breadth that can be scaled to meet the changing needs of customers.

For further information on our finite element analysis (FEA) and the other services offered by Nova, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01384 400044 or via

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Nova Expand Internal Visualisation and Animation Division

As engineering design and recruitment consultants Nova Design are delighted to announce that we have expanded our internal visualisation department in our West Midlands based office, and will now be offering increased capacity for our visualisation and animation service. Visualisation is a modern tool used to bring a concept to life, through the use of animations or illustrations. Nova Design’s visualisation team can bring your idea to life to impress potential investors.

In addition to our existing in-house design team of forty engineering design staff, we have successfully recruited an additional two visualisation experts, who have significant previous experience in producing high quality visuals. Utilising Autodesk 3D Studio Max and Siemens Tecnomatix VIS Mockup software, our experts will be producing high quality 3D walkthroughs, 3D animations and photo realistic renders for our clients. Nova’s visualisation experts will allow the finest details to be tweaked, from layouts and lighting to shadows and optical effects, in order to cater to their client’s exact requirements. The final product will aim to engage the end viewer and give them an emotional experience.

3D Studio Max | Nova Design Visualisation Division | Animation and VisualisationAs a family run business, established in 1988, we will be looking to attract new clients who are aiming to close sales with eye catching proposals, or develop their marketing materials. It is an exciting time for Nova as a West Midlands based company, as we expand this service amidst the continued growth of our internal engineering design and recruitment departments. Nova will now be heavily marketing the visualisation department to add another dimension to our existing client base.

Business Development Director Simon Parry said “Many companies want to make their products or proposals stand out from their competition. Our visualisation service is a unique and professional way in which to do this. Many of our existing clients have previously had visualisation requirements on top of their design requirements, and we are now able to offer them the full service. With the tools and expertise we have at our disposal, we can offer state of the art visuals to give our clients the all important ‘wow’ factor.”

3D Studio Max software is used in various markets, from video game developers to graphic artists, through to architects, engineers and product designers. The powerful software is provided by Autodesk, who also supply AutoCAD and Inventor 2D and 3D packages, which form an integral part of Nova Design’s engineering design solution.

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