Autodesk have now changed their policy regarding their redline / markup ‘Design Review’ software and made it free of charge to download and install. Click here to jump to the download page.

What is Autodesk Design Review?

Autodesk® Design Review software helps save time and money with easy-to-use tools for team members to review, mark up, and revise designs and 3D models. This free tool is tightly integrated with all Autodesk design software products and enables project teams to move to a two-way design review process and gain timesaving functionality in their markup and approval processes. Specific timesaving functionality includes the following:

* Intuitive measure, markup, and annotation tools
* DWG™ file viewing, plotting, and publishing
* Ability to combine project data such as images and specifications in a single file
* Powerful status tracking to manage engineering change orders
* Round-trip markup integration with Autodesk design software products, so designers can overlay changes and comments on the original CAD file.

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